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Our school with hostel facilities ensures a Safe, Secure, and Nurturing environment for both Boys and Girls, with separate hostels dedicated to each, guaranteeing privacy and a tailored living experience.

Our Spacious Dormitories are designed to accommodate 7 Students each, providing a cozy and comfortable atmosphere that fosters camaraderie and a sense of belonging among the students. Each dormitory is Air-Conditioned, ensuring a pleasant living environment conducive to relaxation and study.

The heart of our hostel life is the Common Room, a vibrant space dedicated to Recreational Activities and Indoor Games. It's a place where students unwind, socialize, and engage in a variety of leisure activities, fostering a balanced lifestyle that blends play with academic pursuits.

Our caregiving team, consisting of Hostel Suprentendents and Wardens/Matrons, is committed to creating a home-like atmosphere. They provide guidance, support, and supervision, ensuring the well-being and safety of every student. For our junior kids, we have a dedicated 'Didi', who offers extra care and attention, making their transition to hostel life smooth and comfortable.

Safety and security are paramount in our hostels. Supervised day outings allow students to explore and learn from the world outside in a secure manner, while supervised extra teaching sessions ensure academic support and excellence, tailored to the individual needs of each student.

At HIRS, we believe in providing a holistic boarding experience that goes beyond just accommodation. Our hostels are designed to nurture growth, learning, and personal development, making us the preferred choice for parents and students looking for a girls' hostel or boys' hostel within a school setting. Join us and experience the warmth, care, and excellence that set our hostels apart.

Corporate Office

Himalayan International Residential School
S F Road, P. O. Siliguri– 734 005,
Dist. Darjeeling, West Bengal, INDIA

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School Campus

Himalayan International Residential School
P. O. Rajganj– 735 134,
Dist. Jalpaiguri, West Bengal, INDIA

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+91 9734034564

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