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Co-Curricular ActivitiesCo-Curricular Activities

Co-Curricular Activities

Our school's commitment to offering a diverse range of co-curricular and extracurricular activities ensures every student has the opportunity to explore their interests, develop new skills, and excel in their passions.

Art & Craft
Our school is dedicated to nurturing artistic talents through a comprehensive range of art and craft initiatives. We're proud of our affiliation with Pracheen Kala Kendra, Chandigarh, enabling our students to pursue Degrees, Diplomas, and Certifications in various art forms. From basic sketching to intricate acrylic and canvas paintings, our expert-led training covers a broad spectrum of artistic disciplines.

Our school is committed to fostering musical excellence through various initiatives, highlighted by our affiliation with the Musicea Art and Culture Institute. This partnership allows students to pursue degrees, diplomas, and certifications in music. We offer comprehensive training on a range of instruments, including Keyboard, Violin, Guitar, and Drums, alongside Vocal Music instruction to develop well-rounded musicians.

Experience the rhythm and grace of both Classical and Western dance forms with our professional trainers, certified by Pracheen Kala Kendra, Chandigarh. Our Dance program encourages expression, coordination, and cultural appreciation.

Unleash your theatrical potential through activities like One Act Plays and Nukkad Natak. Our Dramatics Training fosters confidence, empathy, and public speaking skills, essential for personal and academic success.

Public Speaking Development
Sharpen your oratory skills with our Public Speaking program, featuring Debating, Elocution, and Extempore activities. This initiative boosts confidence, articulation, and critical thinking.

Creative Writing Training
Cultivate your literary talents with our Creative Writing Training, encompassing essay and story writing. This program enhances imagination, vocabulary, and expressive abilities.

Math Aptitude & Olympiads
Challenge your mathematical prowess and problem-solving skills with our participation in Math Aptitude Olympiads. This competitive platform encourages analytical thinking and a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts.

Community Service Activity
To render a service towards the community, students take up various endeavors like – awareness of an issue through street-plays, cleaning campaigns, educating the people of rural communities, constructing composed pits, plantation of trees etc.

Treks and Excursions
Our school values the importance of treks and excursions as integral components of student life, offering unique opportunities for outdoor learning and personal growth. These carefully planned outings encourage teamwork, resilience, and a deeper appreciation for nature, enhancing our students' physical and emotional well-being. Through these experiences, we aim to broaden horizons and foster a spirit of adventure and exploration among our students.

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