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Boys Hostel

Centrally located in the campus the boys hostel can house upto 182 boys. In line with the old boading schools, the boys hostel is divided in 14 dormitories with a capacity of 13 boys each. Every child is provided with a bed, almira and a study unit of his own. House Master are also put up in the same hostel to supervise the children and maintain dicipline in the hostel. A Matron along with aayas looks after the entire maintainence and supervision of the hostels. Each floor has a common room, which is equipped with hoast of indoor games and audio visual equiplemts to look after the entertainment needs of the children.

Girls Hostel

Not very different from the boys hostel, but smaller in size the girls hostel has a capacity of 64 girls, with 8 dormitories having capacity of 8 girls each. the girls hostel also has a provision of a central couryard where girls can play and spend their leisure time.

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