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Events & Celebrations

4th Inter- School Athletics Olympiad-2017

HIRS hosted the 4th Inter School Athletics Olympiad on the 17th and 18th of November, 2017. Students from ten participating schools showed extraordinary spirit and sportsmanship during the two day event. In the junior girls category Nirmala Convent won the champions trophy while Delhi Public School took the champions trophy for the junior boys category. 
Himalayan Buddhist Cultural School took the senior girls category. The senior boys category was won by St. Michael's School.

Children's day Celebration

On 14th of November, 2017 children's day was celebrated at HIRS  with the teachers organising the morning assembly with teachers singing, reciting poetry, and talking about the significance of the day.

In the afternoon, the students of classes 1-8 participated in the Sit and Draw Competition organised by Allahabad Bank, Siliguri. Students put their artistic skills to the test and many won exciting gift hampers.

Later in the evening, the teachers put up an array of performances from singing and dances to a drama that left the children cheering and enjoying the evening.

HIRS Carnival-2017

The long awaited HIRS Carnival was held on Saturday the 11th of November, 2017. A variety of stalls like Hit the Stump, Formula 1, Feed the Joker and the most enjoyed Carnival Jail etc. were put up along with the mouth watering food stalls like Meghalaya Delight, Saha's Sizzlers and Frosty Palace which the students tremendously enjoyed.

Inter House Elocution Competition

The Inter House Elocution Competition was held at HIRS on the 8th of November, 2017. The students presented their pieces with great spirit and enthusiasm while the audience held their breath. Everest House put up exceptional presentations which won them the first position.

Inter House Swimming Meet

The Inter House Swimming Meet was held at HIRS on the 3rd of November, 2017. Students of the four houses participated and competed with immense spirit in the various categories with Makalu house eventually winning the overall competition.

Inter House Western Dance Competition

On the 1st of November, 2017, HIRS celebrated the budding talent of the students through the Inter House Western Dance Competition where students showcased their talent in folk dance, hip-hop and group dances presented by each of the houses. Dhaulagiri House put up an extraordinary performance that won them 1st position with Everest house in 2nd place.

Diwali Celebration.

At Himalayan International Residential School Diwali is an important event where our students get to learn bonding and have fun all at the same time. Students enjoyed the start of the festivities on the 19th of October, 2017 with a 'rangoli' making competition that saw students trying their hands at being creative. All the houses had colourful rangolis and to add to the colour were excited students who took the opportunity to play Holi too. There was a special lunch after which students relaxed before an extraordinary evening of diya's, lighting and fireworks. One thing that stood out was how students came together in little clusters, most of them in their traditional attire, to set off their lanterns. The celebrations came to a delicious close with a special dinner.

Teachers Day Celebration

On the occasion of Teachers Day, 5th September, 2017 the students at HIRS organised an entertaining evening of speeches, songs, dances and skits to appreciate their teachers.

Inter-house Western and Eastern Musical Evening

The spectacular Inter House western and eastern Musical Evening was held at HIRS on the evening of 30th August, 2017. Rock n' Rolling Rhythm filled the rooftop stage where students of the four houses presented an array of Music n' Melodies.

Dhaulagiri house excelled taking the trophy with their immensely beautiful performances.

Inter House English Debate Competition

The Inter House English Debate Competition was held at HIRS on the evening of 23rd August, 2017. Participants from the four houses presented their arguments for and against the motion "Freedom without responsibility is disastrous." Kanchanjunga house argued with great zest and enthusiasm to finally take the first place. Makalu house stood second with Everest and Dhaulagiri being placed third and fourth respectively.

Read Your Way to Glory Competition

The Inter House Read Your Way to Glory Competition was held at HIRS on the 23rd of August, 2017. Our junior students read with great intonation and expression.

11th Goodwill Tournament

The 11th Goodwill Tournament was held on Saturday, the 19th of August. 14 Schools participated in the tournament played on knock-out basis, and the final match was played between HIRS and Techno India Group, Siliguri. Techno India emerged victorious.

Commerce Fest

The Commerce Fest was organised by the commerce faculty and students. A wonderful evening with entertaining quizzes, activities and mad ads left the audience cheering in support of the enthusiastic effort and performance of the commerce department.

Independence Day Celebration

HIRS celebrated 71st Independence day with great zest. Our honourable Director hoisted the flag followed by the National Anthem and a cultural program by the students. After the cultural program, we had friendly football matches for the juniors with Everest house winning and the teachers and students with the students winning.

The celebrations ended with everyone enjoying a scrumptious lunch.

Inter House One-Act Play

The Inter House One-Act Play was held on the 9th of August, 2017. We thoroughly enjoyed the exciting and engaging performances that were put up by the four houses. Everest House took the trophy. Kanchenjunga House stood second while Makalu and Dhaulagiri stood third and fourth respectively. 

Inter House Quiz.

The Inter House Quiz Competition was held with immense enthusiasm on the 2nd of August, 2017. In the middle school category Makalu house stood first while Dhalagiri house stood first in the senior category.

HIRS Inter School Science Exhibition

The Inter School Science Exhibition was hosted by HIRS  on the 29th of July with Don Bosco School, St.  Michael School and St. Anthony School participating. 

Miss Shreya Majumdar, esteemed Physics lecturer from St. Xaviers College, Rajganj was the judge for the event. St. Michael School took the trophy for the junior category while HIRS won the senior category.

Inter House 2nd Language Debate

The Inter House 2nd Language Debate was held on the 26th of June, 2017.  Students made strong arguments in Hindi for and against the motion "The government should waiver farmers loans" with Kanchenjunga house emerging at the top.

 In the second half of the debate competition we heard students present their views in Bengali on the topic “The internet is drawing us away from books" with Everest house taking the first position.

Inter House Spelling Bee Competition

The Inter House Spelling Bee Competition was held on Wednesday, 19th of July, 2017. Students were engaged with phonetics and spelling of words that they commonly use as well as some new words that challenged them. A tough competition ensued resulting in tie breakers for the runners up positions. It was an evening where students experienced another day of successful participation on stage. 

Dhaulagiri house emerged as the winner followed by Everest, Makalu and Kanchanjunga house.

Inter House Story Writing Competition

On the12th of July, 2017 the students of classes VI to XII sat to write stories of their own for the inter house story writing competition. The students enthusiastically pondered to bring out their best in story writing hoping to bring their houses points with their writing skills today.

While the senior students wrote their stories, the junior students from classes I to V had the opportunity to courageously narrate stories during the inter house juniors story telling competition.

20th Annual Day Celebration

HIRS celebrated the 20th Annual Prize Day on 3rd June. This occasion was graced by the presence of our regarded chief guest Mr. I.T Myers, founder Principal of Himalayan International Residential School and present Principal of Frank Anthony Public School, Kolkata, our special guests the honourable Chairman Mr. S.K Agarwal and Mrs. Sushila Agarwal, director Mr. Vivek Agarwal and Mrs. Ranjeeta Agarwal, Mr. Vikash Agarwal and Mrs. Preety Agarwal.

The program commenced with a welcome dance presented by the junior girls. This was followed by a musical play presented by the primary department based on Ruskin Bond's famous creation The Jungle Book . Next, we had the first phase of Prize distribution. After the prize distribution, the senior boys and girls presented a hilarious Bengali play 'NeemKetu" that entailed the financial challenge faced by Lord Indra at his kingdom and the ardent desire of the gods and goddesses to live their life with the materialistic luxuries. Next, we had a fusion dance performance on the tunes of 'Taal' and 'Shape of You'.  Our honourable chief guest was requested to say a few words, after the performance. After his motivational speech, the students presented an English Play, 'The Dear Departed' which was a satire on the greedy modern society. After the play,the second phase of prize distribution followed. Dhaulagiri house bagged the champions trophy for sports while Makalu bagged the trophies for discipline, academic excellence, co-curricular activities and being the Best House.

After the prize distribution, the HIRS Musical Group mesmerized the audience with their performance. This was followed by the Grand Finale dance performance and the vote of thanks proposed by our senior master Mr. Dipankar Saha.

Inter House Volleyball Tournament

HIRS organized Inter House Volleyball competition in three categories, Junior boys, Senior Boys and Senior girls. Every player played with a zeal of victory and put up  a high voltage match for the viewers. It was a 'do or die' situation for Everest and Makalu house, who played the finals. Eventually, Makalu house paved their way to success and emerged as Champions of the tournament.

Inter House 2nd Language Elocution

HIRS organized Inter House Second Language Elocution Competition. Students put in their utmost to stage a standard show. Everest house emerged as winners followed by Dhaulagiri, Makalu and Kanchenjunga house.

Inter School Basketball Tournament

HIRS hosted the Inter School Basketball Tournament for the first time in the school's history with grand success. The schools those that participated in the event were Darjeeling Public School, Army Public School, Bengdubi, Sacred Heart School, Siliguri, DAV school Siliguri, Father Leblond School, Bhimbar, Don Bosco School, Siliguri and the hosting team HIRS team A and B. The final match was played between HIRS team A and Sacred Heart School where HIRS team A emerged as winners and the Champions of the tournament.

Inter House English Recitation

   HIRS organized Inter House Recitation Competition on 10th of May. The students staged a wonderful show reciting poems of every genre.  All the four houses performed equally well. There was a tuff Competition between all the houses. However, Makalu house emerged as Champions followed by Everest, Kanchenjunga and Dhaulagiri.

Rabindra Jayanti Celebration

HIRS celebrated the 156th birth anniversary of the great national bard Rabindranath Tagore. Students along with the teachers staged a wonderful cultural show. The school choir presented a melodious rabindrasangeet which was followed by reading out of some valuable information about the great personality and a thought preached by the laureate. There was a mesmerising dance performance which was succeeded by a poem recitation and a skit presentation. 

Labour  Day Celebration

HIRS celebrated International Labour's Day on 1st May. The children staged  a grand cultural show to entertain all the workers of HIRS. The evening started with some melodious presentation on hit Bollywood numbers followed by a skit on appreciation of workers, next was a dance performance by the 6th grade children, succeeded by a speech on the importance of International Labour's Day and concluded with an electrifying performance by Ching Chang of 12th standard.

Inter House English Extempore competition

The students of HIRS staged Inter House Just A Minute and Extempore competition on 26th April. Makalu house emerged as the winner followed by Everest, Kanchenjunga and Dhaulagiri house.

Earth Day

HIRS celebrated Earth Day on 23rd of April. The children from all the four houses were allotted different places for planting saplings around their bountiful campus. All the children participated enthusiastically and made the event a grand success.

Inter House English Essay Writing Competition

Inter House English Essay Writing Competition was held at HIRS on 19th of April. The children from the primary section (1to 5) had picture writing while the senior classes from 6 to 12 had to write essays on topics given to them.

Inter House 2nd Language Essay writing Competition

HIRS conducted Inter House Second Language Essay Writing competition for classes 6-10 on Wednesday i.e 12th of April 2017. All the students from these classes participated enthusiastically and texted their opinion in black and white on various topics given to them.

On the same day and time, Fun with words based on second language was conducted for classes 1-5 and the children enjoyed participating in a game that excelled their vocabulary too.

Holi Celebration

In the midst of ICSE, ISC and promotional Examinations, Holi arrived on 13th March, with all the colours of life and joy, which was a welcome change in the daily schedule of HIRS. It was a holiday and students had late rouser at 8:00 am, followed by breakfast at 8:30. Celebrations started at 10:30 and carried on till 12:00 noon. Besides playing with colours, children enjoyed music and dance. At 1:20 pm, there was special lunch, after which they were free to do self-study or rest. Rest of the day followed as usual.

Investiture Ceremony 2017-18

The Investiture Ceremony is a platform to showcase the leadership skills and abilities of our students and is the most prestigious ceremony in the schedule of school event. The event was officiated on 14th Feb, 2017 at 8.00 A.M in the school auditorium. Mr. Chittaranjan Panigrahi (Dean of Administration) initiated the programme and stressed on the need to become focused in the goals and inculcate leadership quality to become a better person in life. It was a solemn occasion where the newly elected Council Members were given with sashes and badges. The  Director  Mr. Vivek Agarwal addressed the assemblage  and spoke eloquently on the leadership qualities.

The Students Council Members are as following:

Aditya Karna
Shraddha Bhowsinka
Muskan Goenka
Keshav Tibrewal
Akisha Marak
Likhit Chandak
Tanzimun Jannat Mafi

Head Boy-:  Sadhin Das                                   

Head Girl–:    Shraddha Bhowsinka



HIRS students staged Inter house Nukkad Natak competition on 8th of Feb2017. A brilliant show was put up by the students of all the four houses addressing the current social issues ailing India. Each act was praiseworthy and informative. Makalu House emerged as winner followed by Everest, Kanchanjunga and Dhaulagiri House.

A kite festival

A kite festival was arranged by HIRS on 5th of Feb. It was a gala event where children enjoyed flying kites and cheering each other. It was arranged for the first time and the response from the children was very encouraging. It was an attempt to refresh and remind the children of the old custom of flying kites in India.

Saraswati Puja

‘Sweta vasana pushp shobhita gandhanule pranam

Veena dhara stotra hasta sweta chandana charchitam.’

May Goddess Saraswati bless us all with knowledge and success! 1st February, 2017, was a holiday in school on the occasion of Saraswati Puja. The idol of Ma Saraswati was brought the night before and the platform, where the puja was to be held, was decorated. In the morning, at around 10:00 am, everyone gathered in the girls’ hostel premises for the puja. All the students and teachers were colourfully dressed, mostly in traditional attires. After the puja, they offered ‘pushpanjali’ (flower offerings) and prayed for blessings for the upcoming promotional and Board examinations. This was followed by ‘Kavita Path’ in Hindi and Bengali. There was also a lot of singing and dancing. Lunch consisted of Khichdi, mix vegetables, chatni and papad. 

68th Republic Day Celebration at HIRS

On Thursday, 26th January, HIRS celebrated the 68th Republic Day of India. At 7:50am, all the students and teachers gathered at the top-field for flag hoisting, which was done by the honourable director of the school, Mr. Vivek Agarwal, followed by the National Anthem. This was followed by a patriotic song performance by the school choir group. They sang ‘Sare Jahan se Achha…’ The primary students danced on the compelling number of Bhupen Hazarika, ‘Bistirna dupare…’ followed by the middle school students coming up with an energetic dance performance on a song from Swadesh, ‘Ye jo desh hai mera…’ The short programme culminated with the graceful movements of the senior girls on ‘I love my India, Ye mera India…’

Later, there was a cricket match between students’ XI and Principal’s XI. The staff team won the match by 2 wickets.

The celebration ended with a special lunch comprising chicken, paneer, Kashmiri dum aloo, tiranga rice, puri, dal and jalebi with rabri. 

20th Inter-house Athletic Meet 2016

HIRS organized Annual 20th Inter-House Athletic meet 2016 on 18th December. The occasion was graced by the worthy presence of Mr. Rajesh Kumar Yadav, IPS, DIG, Jalpaiguri range. He was felicitated along with all the distinguished guests and was requested to take the guard of honour as all the four houses marched by. The athletic torch was led in by Deep Bhattacharya on horseback in a chivalric manner and handed over to Lobsang Soepa, the head boy, who lighted it.  Students from all the four houses actively participated in all the events organized and showcased their athletics talents. They were categorized in five divisions: Junior girls, Junior boys, Intermediate boys, Senior girls and Senior boys. Individual Championship was awarded to Brinda Sangma-Junior girls, Robin Nath Lakra-Junior boys, Bibek Suri- Intermediate boys, Srijani Panigrahi- Senior girls, Ayan Barman- Senior Boys. The March Past and the Cross Country trophy were won by Everest House while Kanchanjunga bagged the Tug O War and the Relay trophy. Kanchanjunga House emerged as the overall athletics Champion. 

Rangotsav Celebration (National Level Handwriting, Colouring Competition 2016-17)

HIRS participated in Rangotsav Celebration (National Level Handwriting, Colouring Competition 2016-17). Students who brought laurels to school are,

** Pushpita Kundu --Class-2

** Arafat Hussain --Class-4

** Sahil Pradhan --Class-5

** Abdul Al Baki Norman --Class-8

Inter House Badminton Tournament

Inter house badminton tournament was organized by HIRS where all the four houses actively participated and gave in their best to bag the laurels. Matches were held in singles and doubles category for the junior boys and girls where Dhaulagiri house emerged as the winner and the senior boys and girls where Dhaulagiri won in the boys category and Makalu in the girls category.













































































































































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