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Academic Facilities

The School Academic Block is a self-contained three-storey building of exquisite design which houses all the class and subject rooms along with the Library and Information Technology Centre. The classrooms are spacious – built to accommodate 25 students. All The classrooms are fitted with Edurite Smart Boards.

Separate subject rooms are assigned for Mathematics, Geography, Commerce, 2nd Languages, Art, etc. and are specially equipped for the teaching of those subjects.

The well-stocked School Library is centrally located on the ground floor of the Academic Block. It is comfortably furnished and also accommodates a host of teaching aids including OHPs for daily use in the classrooms.

The Information Technology Centre on the ground floor is another busy area of the school. In spite of that, it is always cool and quiet – except for the soft whirring of the machines and the tapping of fingers on the keyboards as children get on with their work.

The Facilities Centre with huge state of the art:

  • Teaching laboratories for Physics, Chemistry and Biology
  • Examination Hall
  • Audio-Visual Room
  • Music Room
  • Art & Craft Centre
  • Language laboratory


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